Tour 1: Around Peißenberg (HOF-Muc)

Day-tour: 193 km (Round trip)
Difficulty: middle
Direction of travel: counterclockwise

Route: Weilheim – Oderding – Peißenberg – Hohenpeißenberg – Kronau – St. Leonhard im Forst – Zellsee –Wessobrunn – Riedhof – Reichling – Kinsau – Apfeldorf – Schongau – Hohenfurch – Schwabsoien – Dienhausen – Osterzell – Sachsenried – Schwabsoien – Schwabbruck – Burggen – Dessau – Urspring – Steingaden – Ilgen – Rudersau – Rottenbuch – Böbing – Schöffau – Uffing – Murnau – Lothdorf – Höhlmühle – Habach Tour1– Antdorf – Stadel – Marnbach – Magnetsried – Bauerbach – Rauchmoos – Weilheim



You will have fun, you and your Harley. Up to a few crossings of main roads this route will guide you through low traffic and therefor relatively safe streets. Let your bike swallow the curves.

From Weilheim you´re cruising to Warmwerden along the town of Peißenberg to Hohenpeissenberg. From there, go with a grin under the helmet on a side street in the direction of St. Leonhard. Only a short stop - if you feel like to visit a pilgrimage church. Otherwise follow the track to Wessobrunn, because you can visit a former Benedictine abbey. But do not stay too long - your Harley is waiting for you.

The route leads you along the river Lech barrage past the town named Rott. After crossing the river Lech two times you reach after Kinsau and Apfeldorf ("apple-town") the Schongauer Forst. On the ride side of the ricer Lecch your route continues. You pass Herzogsägmühle and get closer to the street "B23" where traffic will be increased. A tip: Get off your bike in Schongau - there you can get a "deeper view" into the medieval battlements and towers.

Put yourself in the curves and let you lead on the well-developed B17 to Hohenfurch and Schwabsoien. Always the Harley sound in you ear. Now there is a small circuit on your route - Dienhausen, Osterzell and Sachsenried are your signpost on the roadside. Let the gas be open and follow the standard route up to Steingaden and over the Lech bridge again. The next streets after Murnau offers you much fun and winding hills perfect for adventure-loving Harley Rider leading you to Böbing, Ruffing and Schöffau. The subsequent break on the eastern shore of the Staffel-lake did you deserve. Meet and greet with other bikers is not excluded.

Next: Passing Riegsee, Schillerberger Lake and Stadler Weiher your bike can show you what the Harley myth is all about. The passage through Marnbach is the targeted goal now. Have fun from here on the final loop through the Alps - on the single paved street your Harley "eats" meter by meter across the places Magnetsried and Rauchmoos back to Weilheim. 

• Green color mark: Shows a  possible alternative route.
• Blue color mark: Shows a point of interest - the Peißenberg (988 m height).