eBike Serial 1 Rental in München, Rosenheim & Ulm

Serial 1 eBike - powered by Harley-Davidson! When the founders of Harley-Davidson put power on two wheels and designed their first motorcycle in 1903, they changed the way the world moved forever. And now, the Serial 1 Cycle Company, powered by Harley-Davidson, combines the freedom of the bicycle with the effortless joy of electric power to once again change the way the world moves.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and visionary outlook of Harley-Davidson's founders - and given the revolutionary impact of their first motorcycle, affectionately known as "Serial Number One" - Serial 1 Cycle Company manufactures innovative e-bikes that make every ride an adventure.

Experience your very own adventure now and rent one of the Serial 1 eBikes with us at House of Flames!